My Dog Bouea

  I have a dog. My dogs name is Bouea. He is a white poodle and his mouth is all dirty because of his food. My dog is only 9 years old.  My mom always says im his favorite kid in the family because i never tease him, call him names, or hit him. I would never hit him ever because i love animals. The reason  we got him was for  my  moms birthday. My mom didnt want a poodle though she wanted a cat, a persian cat. My dad left my mom my brother and i at home while he took my sister my cousin and my thio to the house to get it. now my mom loves bouea. the dog is the family dog not just my moms dog. we taught bouea alot of things.we taught him to shake our hand, give us high-fives, and even fist bumps. my dog is very mean to people that he does not know or are always mean to him. my dog has been traveling with us for years and years now. everyday when my mom or dad brings me to school my dog always comes with us. my dog has gone to Sand Diego with us, bakers field, and he traveled here from San Diego with us as well. soon he is going to discover a whole new place called New York City with us and it will be awesome! i always love to play game s with him. i play hide and seek with him, and tug of war and we always make games up like get the bone or get the hand it is a game where he has to try and get somebodies hand. my dog is so messy he likes to eat with the family so he brings his metal bowl to the living room and he always drops it on the carpet and it makes a mess and it also happened his morning! but he is too cute to get mad at, i seriously never ever get mad at him cause he is so cute. if i ever get sad my dog always comes up to me and if anybody  hits him i will get super mad and yell at them. if you cant tell i am an animal lover. my thito always hits a dog named killo ( my thios dog) with belts and spoons and stuff like that. one time the dog got lose from the chain and started to bark at the neighbor in so my thito came out and grabbed the chain that was around his neck and was dragging him i started to cry and if i said anything to him he would come to the bedroom and hit me with his belt. so after i just went outside and started to hug him he is only 3 months old. anyway back to my dog, if my dog gets overly excited he will chase me around the couch or he will act like a baby. it is so cute! we live our grandma so when my mom watches my grandma jenny bouea always wants to go downstairs to be with her and then she opens the door and my grandmas dog comes out and then they just sniff each others butt, it is just gross. when my mom is watching my grandma bouea will never eat, drink or do anything cause he misses her so much. bouea also loves my dad but my dad is working so every time he comes back or when my dad just wakes up he tries to like mi dad but my dad does noy like it because his breath stinks so my dad does not like his breath. my dad loves him though. if anyone tries to hurt one of us he will attack who ever is tring to hurt us.

          so my dog might seem mean or braty, well that is true but he is also very nice. so that is a little about my dog well i have to go play with me dog bye!!!

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