Stop Bullying, and SPEAK UP

If this happens and i so this i would make them stop. If i cant get them to stop i will get a adult. Chris should have should up to himself and should have not told them his information. The kids like Jan should have known better because she is being mean to him just saying he is unpopular.

There are kids being bullied every 7 minutes no matter where you are. In school bullying could be on a field, in a gym, even after school at home. The bully gets in the most trouble and can go to to jail or get in even more trouble with the other kids parents even your parents. Some of the kids are getting hurt so bad they have to go to the hospital, the more go there the more kids get in jail.  

Scenario 2

If me and my friend saw a bully messing with a kid if we don't do anything the bully will think he can keep doing it. We can break it up and get a adult. We changed it so the bully will get in trouble and there will be no more bullying. The bully will get a message to not bully no more because we will stop it. In the video on edmodo the boy was cyber bullied and he didn't like it. The cyber bullying ended with the boy Ryan killing his self . Ryan's dad was teaching  him how to fight and it didn't work because it was on the internet and at school the kids who bullied him used words not and it hurt Ryan mentally but he learned to defend him self physically.