Teach You The Simplest Method to DIY Party Hats Singapore

Have you heard that it is not a party without a proper party hat? Hence, the importance of party hats is obvious. When it comes to party hats, it doesn't mean that you always need to buy hats. You can make it totally by yourself. No matter buying or making hats, there is no doubt that they certainly bring the fun.

Here, I would like to introduce two very simple way to make party hats singapore.

First of all, choosing a circular piece of tag board with a certain kind of color which you are favorite. And then, cutting a skinny triangular strip start from the outside of the circle and cut into the middle. Secondly, folding the tag board around to form a cone. Thirdly, Taking some lace and glue it in waves near the base of the cone. At the last, brush the whole hat with the brush-on glue. In order to make your hats look more attractive, it is a good option for you to sprinkle glitter of any color on where you put the glue, then let the glue dry. How easy and simple! However, if you want to make your hat look cool and more creative, you can add any more accessories or write something to decorate your hats.

For instance, if your close friend's birthday is coming or there are some different special occasions, and you want to make hats for them in person, it is a good option for you to put some words or phrases on the hats. Like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". But there is some things which should arouse your attention. During the process of making your hats, making sure that the colors match. Otherwise, your hat will look bad. In addition, if your hat is worn in public, remember that do not put too much personal information on it. As you may get weird looks from strangers.

There is another way to make your party hats singapore. At the beginning, print out your party hat template on bright white paper and cut along the borders. And then, fold along the grey line on the left side of your template and use your utility knife to cut a slit along the grey line on the right side of your cone. Next, wrap your cone, and glue the seam together. At the last, embellish with ric rac or ribbon along the edge using hot glue and glue a pom-pom to the top. that's ok. Of course, if you pursue perfect, you can take some lace and glue it in waves near the base of the cone.

In order to make the celebration even more fun, do be so closefisted to share some of your time to make your party hats singapore.