SEIKO Sportura - For Those Who Know The True Values of Sport

Inexpensive, yet cool and desirable, the Sportura is a lot about experience-enriched values learnt in the extreme arenas of both sports and life and are therefore, hardened to defy the ravages of everyday use over time. Their lasting power comes from the very best in material, technology and craftsmanship, developed for over five decades.

The Sportura range is a vast one: there are big-calendar chronographs, Diver-s, Kinetic Direct Drive watches to automatic mechanicals both for men and women, designed to meet your every need oth on and off the ground. Strength and elegance join hands in the Sportura collection for them who always wanted to achieve unique looks without sacrificing a sporty style. However, you’ll like it most if you share even this much of connection with auto racing.

Sportura exhibits a lot of vibrant colors (red and orange) in the designs as well as the racing stripe. Their bold, cushion-shaped cases and round dials create a chic styling that go almost everywhere. The motor-racing spirit becomes evident from the highest levels of functionality and durability and also from the clear view of the readings.

Seiko’s long-lasting association with professional sports (Seiko has been the official timekeeper at the Tokyo Olympics and with FC Barcelona) brought out some of the best models in the Sportura range; the Sportura Kinetic Chronograph, the Sportura Kinetic Direct-Drive, the Sportura Automatic Chronograph and the Sportura Double-Retrograde Chronograph being the most worthwhile ones. They are stylish, built like rock and affordable; they prove expert craftsmanship doesn’t need to come at a sky-high price.

But the real beauty of a T-Touch watches is: unlike many Sports watches, a Sportura goes easily with business attires as much as with light formals and even outdoor wear. The are ‘wear when you would like to’ kind off accessories that rest on the brink of meekness and boldness but never quite toppling it over. Eye-catching and rivaling some of the way more expensive premium brands in terms of style and quality, there is a Sportura to meet every choice and need. From those loaded with features and ‘stripped from bells and whisles’, there’s one point that binds the entire range and that is – They are extremely useful pieces with overall stunning designs. If you always wanted an excellent, all-purpose watch, Sportura is likely the one you’ll find exhibiting no faults; not even any similarity with other popular models from another brand. The Seiko mens watch is thus an unique and interesting way to combine your sporty spirit to the mundane day to day life and set it out when the time is right! Once you get one upon your wrist, you will be astonished how well it lives through shocks, showers, scathing and scratches.