STEM Activate

for underrepresented populations in the field

Model: How you think (insert kid) feels about 'traditional/
classroom' science and math experiences.

Model: time when felt great/bad in experiencing Science or Math.

Communicating for Change

Sending the Right Message

How we talk about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects, skills, fields plays an important role in the ability to retain girls in those areas. UT WEP and the Texas Girls Collaborative have produced an amazing resource on research and actions. If you ever have a chance to hear Tricia Berry speak, go!

Kids say the Darndest Things!

Replacing dead end statements

Programs supporting this message

What Schools can do

Help teachers be aware of what they are communicating. Host explorative events. Build partnerships with program providers. Get creative with outreach.

What you can do

Sign up to be a mentor. Connect and register with the Texas Girls Collaborative. Start a school/district committee that can organize and act. Change how you give praise. Raise your hand!

While we talk about girls
it is really about...

allowing for choices not based on stereotypes or misconceptions; and diversity of perspectives in all fields of study and work.

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