Bay of Pigs

The Cold War Hailey Hurley Hr. 3

Who: The people involved in the Bay of Pigs were the CIA, the US and people who left Cuba, against the Cubans and their leader, Fidel Castro.

What: Cubans moved out of Cuba to get away from Fidel Castro. They moved to the US and CIAs trained them and the former Cubans snuck into Cuba to invade them.

Where: The Bay of Pigs took place in Bay of Pigs, Cuba.

When: Former Cubans attempted to invade Cuba on April 17, 1961.

Why: The former Cubans tried to invade Cuba to destroy their air force.

How: The CIA trained the former Cubans so they could invade Cuba.

Ending: The invasion didn't go as planned, it took too long to unload the ammunition from the boat and so Cuba sunk their ship, and the paratroopers landed in the wrong places and were surrounded by the Cubans and their Soviet Union.

The former Cubans were put into a Cuban prison and the US had to pay $53 million in food and medicine to get 1113 prisoners back.

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