where is uranium found ?

it is found in rocks all over the world and rocks that has a lot of uranium are called uranium ore

How is uranium harnessed to get electricity? And is currently being used ?

Uranium undergoes fission, which produces heat. When the uranium is enriched, the process happens faster than in nature, and there is a lot of heat. The heat is used to boil water, and the steam is used to power a turbine, which drives a generator. and yes it is being used and today energy produced from uranium provides 8.3% of the energy being used in the U.S.

this image shows the power plants being used to burn the uranium and making it avalipal to use

what are the different types of uranium ?

There are many types of uranium:

Naturally, it's mostly Uranium 238 and Uranium 235. Uranium 235 is rare and is what we use of nuclear fission.

What are the impacts of Uraniumin the inviroment ?

Nuclear power plants produce radioactive waste. And it is much more dangerous the fossil fuel waste. If there are any leaks serious illness and death can occur .

This image shows uranium leak in French and Visitors to a popular French tourist region have been warned not to swim or fish in two rivers after uranium leaked from a factory.

The economic impacts of uranium

the coast of uranium is chaep but the power plants are very expensive to build. nuclear energy costs about $0.02/kwh .

To what extent does the US currently use uranium?

the us uses 1.81 %

Countries that make use of uranium:

Nuclear power plants could be found in the united states France japan and Germany.France generates 75% of the electricity with nuclear power.

current worldwide uranium production

This video shows the impacts on the people who live in Gabon but there are much more people that are facing the same thing.

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