The Achievements and Dynasties of China

Shang Dynasty

creating and using bronze weapons

An important accomplishment the Shang dynasty had was by using and creating bronze weapons that made fighting more effective when fighting enemies. They created weapons for wars and protection which gave them a big advantage in battle because the opponents didn’t know what it was and because it was way stronger than the sticks the other army had. Bronze was their most popular product in their dynasty. Their discovery has now helped our society today. If they didn’t make bronze we wouldn’t have striven to find other metals as fast as we did.

Zhou Dynasty

increasing stability of rule using feudalism

Zhou Dynasty: An important accomplishment the Zhou dynasty made was by increasing the stability of their rule through a system called feudalism.This effects us today by creating social classes to put different jobs in different pay levels and by trying to balance out the people. This was made so the people who respected him the most got more land and were named lords. This also connects to our world today because we have the principal of a school. We then have the teachers and lastly the students. This works in the way like it did back then so people with less knowledge than the wise people didn't have the decision like the ones who were wise.

Qin Dynasty

making the Terra-cot-ta warriors

An important accomplishment they made was making the kings tomb with all the terracotta warriors. This accomplishment helped to advance China by helping us to uncover Chinese history and would also help China by bringing in many tourists to see the terracotta warriors. If they didn’t make we wouldn’t have discovered it and found out what happened. So that means it affects our economy. It also shows us how detailed they were when making them which may have led to why most of our stuff comes from China.

Qin Dynasty

creating the great wall of China

Another important accomplishment they made was creating the great wall of China. It helped China in the past in many ways such as blocking enemies from getting in. It made it so many of the animals were in the wall which left the enemies without rarely any. This also affects us now present day. That is because it is huge in tourism in the economic society. Though many deaths happened while making the wall, it did prevent many wars that could have happened that would also too cause death.

Han Dynasty

using, trading, and making silk

During the Han Dynasty the main export was that of silk and used it for making clothing easier and as I said to trade. It helped advance China because it developed the silk road which was an extreme trade route for silk. it also made their lives easier when making clothing. It helps our world today because without silk we wouldn't have striven to find cotton. Because of all this, we have advanced the materials we use for clothing.

Han Dynasty

brought Buddhism to China

Also after Buddhism came the Han Dynasty started to use it. is helped effect China by bringing peace to the land . Now people still do that and are peaceful and not violent because of those people taking on the ways of the buddha. This made it so people didn’t think or act negatively too. Because of the Han dynasty taking this on, the Han dynasty lasted 400 years instead of the Quin Dynasty that lasted 14 years.

Han Dynasty

Brought and end to the warring states period

The Han Dynasty also brought an end to the warring states period. this effected China because it made the disorder and anger go away and made things right again. This affects us now because if the Han dynasty never came then China might still be in disorder. That means they would still be angry and would have more wars. But because the Han Dynasty came, it created a more organized society for China in the past.

Han Dynasty

had many new inventions we use today

Lastly the Han dynasty also had many new inventions and discoveries when they ruled. This effects us because they discover how part of our body works. They invented many things like the wheelbarrow and magnetic compass. With their also invention of paper it made people spend less money for a higher quality product. In the end with their inventions it ended up being a world wide thing since we all use paper, wheelbarrows, and ect.

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