Sierra Longoria
Mrs. Sterling
World Geography, Period 2
Create a Culture Project



     Synthetica is a man-made floating country in the Pacific ocean. Synthetica was originally the 51st state of the United States of America. Synthetica was meant to be an experiment to see if humans, plants, and animals could survive on synthetic land. The United Sates sent four groups of 50 people to live in different parts of Synthetica and found that the synthetic land was almost identical to the nature made land. When Synthetica was officially pronounced as the 51st state of the United Sates people from all over began to move there. The population grew rapidly and within a few years the population had grown to match that of the entire united states! (around 300,000,000) Because of this huge population and the distance between Synthetica and the united states, Synthetica decided to secede. Surprisingly there was no war or fight, Synthetica and the united states became separate countries. Synthetica no longer used the united states constitution as its foundation thus resulting in a few cultural differences, such as, religion, food, shelter and security/protection.


     Like the united states, Synthetica has freedom of religion. Most people living there do not practice any religion, rather than having faith in a God to give them strength and guide them to lead a happy and moral life, they do it on their own, using their own judgement to tell what is right and what is wrong. The reason Synthetica decided to live this way is, they looked around and noticed that religion was causing much conflict in other cultures and repressing certain people. The people of  Synthetica decided they'd rather be an accepting culture that didn't cause frivolous arguments and wars. Religion is present and allowed in Synthetica but religious community is very small and since most people living there do not follow a religion, people from other countries are less likely to immigrate there which contributes to the shrinking of the religious community.


     People always say "Nothing bad ever happens in Synthetica." The citizens always feel safe despite the face that Synthetica does not have an army or even an official police force. In Synthetica Everyone is there to help each other when needed. Despite the fact that there is no consequences for crimes, there are never any crimes committed. It is unclear how exactly a crime-less community is possible but Synthetica has been doing it for years. Even though crime is nonexistent in Synthetica injury and sickness do happen, when a person's life/health is in need of help there is always a neighbor or friend there to help, when a person is in need of professional help, doctors are available and ready to rush into any scene.


     Here in Synthetica there is no money exchange, people trade goods and services for other goods and services. This type of economy is considered old fashioned and out dated by many other countries. This trade-centric economy works very well for the citizens of Synthetica however this restricts what foods and other materials are available there since importing and exporting is near to impossible without a currency.

     Since this economy is set up this way, people always have to contribute to making materials, growing food, and/or providing services, because of this there is more of a sense of unity and compassion here.

     This economy is not without it's faults though, click the button to a complete list of the Pros and Cons of Synthetica's economy system.

Other Facts

    In addition to the before mentioned topics, this culture is full of interesting facts. For example the food they eat, the way they dress, the homes they live in, the celebrations they have and many more!  


     The citizens of Synthetica are almost all vegetarian. The animal population is small and sacred to the people of Synthetica because all animals are brought from other countries and the population of animals is very small. Also most of not all the people in Synthetica contribute to growing food with personal gardens and community gardens. The fact that children are taught at a young age to see animals as equals also contributes to the mostly vegetarian diet the people of Synthetica live by.

     Some local favorites are veggie burgers, white bean soup, chili glazed tofu, lasagna rolls with roasted red pepper sauce and many more! To find more popular Synthetican foods and recipes, click the button below.


     The people of Synthetica live in apartment complexes, and small/tiny houses. Most apartment complexes and houses were built when Synthetica was part of the United States, when Synthetica seceded people began to build their own homes, which made the sizes of homes start to shrink. Most homes in Synthetica are just big enough to fit 2 or 3 people and a usually mobile. Since most homes are quite small everything on the inside serves a purpose and decorations are not present in many. Around homes, there is little to no pavement since Synthetica has a very plant based diet, they need to keep the land at its most natural state.

Relationships among family members

     Family relations in Synthetica are similar to that of the united states except for the fact that marriage is very uncommon because of the fact that there is no currency people feel less obligated to get married and combine income. Children live with their parents up until they finish school and/or feel ready to live on their own, and often move back in with their parents when their parents are old and need help with everyday tasks. Most, if not all, families have some type of pet because animals help keep yards from becoming overgrown and provide a sense of security and companionship. The most popular pets in Synthetica are cats, dogs, goats, pigs and chickens.


    The clothes worn in Synthetica closely resemble that of the clothes worn in the United States. There are no laws about what body parts must be covered, though most people wear comfortable clothes that they can work in. The most popular fabric in Synthetica is cotton and the most popular colors are grey and red. Jewelry and comfortable sweaters are the most popular articles of clothing among women and watches and beanies are the most  popular articles of clothing among men. As for shoes, sneakers and sandals are the most popular, high heels are hardly ever worn because of the lack of pavement in Synthetica.


     Earth day is the biggest celebration in Synthetica. Syntheticans consider Earth day the most important holiday because of the fact that Synthetica was created for people to use after natural land was destroyed beyond repair. The way Earth Day is celebrated is, people from all over come together and recycle trash they find. Art and clothes are made from trash and are presented at the Earth Day Parade and Pageant hosted in Synthetica's capital, Bratus (which is the latin word for tree).

(top) Trash art featured in Parade and (bottom) contestants in Earth Day Padgent

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