Canadian Tourism

            Multiculturalism - an acceptance of many culture instead of just one.

    Canada has a constitutional monarchy. It has a constitution and has a king or a                      queen.

            Toronto, Ontario's capital, is home of one-twelfth of Canada's population.

Toronto, Canada

          Pierre Trudeau led the effort to add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the                                                            Canadian Constitution.

Pierre Trudeau (Born - 10/18/1919 Died - 8/28/2000)

                  People of every cultural group are free to worship as they choose.

Religious Symbols

         Separatists - People who want the province of Quebec to be an independent                                                                    country.

                                      Canada is rich in resources, including gold.

                    Many Canadians are bilingual, meaning they speak two languages

                                          Canada has rich traditions in the arts.

                                           Canada has very beautiful scenery.

Vancouver, Canada
Banff, Canada

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