"Swoosh" do you like basketball if you do this is the perfect tackk for you, you will learn all about basketball, how to play, some of the rules, and most important to have fun!


You should read this tackk because if you do you might become one of the best basketball players in your neighborhood! That is why you should keep reading this tackk!


In passing don't just chuck the ball up to score you haved to pass, when you pass make sure the person your going to pass it to is open because we don't just want them stealing the ball right!  If they do steal the ball that's alright you can try again but if you practice a lot you will be the master at passing!


In offense its mostly passing unless you have a drive and that's when you try to score!  Offense is also the time to use some of your tricks but don't go to crazy you might mess up!  When your on offense that is when you score so try your best, when you try your best you will have a great chance of winning every time!


When you are on defense make sure you keep them from scoring so you have to guard them good they can't score if you are in there way you are welcome to put your arms out but you can't shove them you might get a foul but make sure you are not aggressive you have a big chance of winning if you do!


Their are some really cool dunks but I will only show you a couple like one of them my favorite under the legs the under the legs dunk goes like this when you jump put the ball in between both of your legs then put the ball back up where it was and dunk it in all in the air! Their is one more I want to tell you about and that is the 360° the 360° all you have to do is jump turn all the way around and dunk it in all in the air!


I hoped you learned a lot about Basketball this has been fun now go play some Basketball  make sure you try your best every time if you do you have a awesome chance to win and make sure to have fun!


Offence: In Offence that's when you try to score!

Defense: In Defense you have to keep the other team from scoring!

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