And it's many layers

The outermost layer of the Earth is the crust, the red molten layer is the mantle, the part after that is the outer core, and the innermost layer is the inner core.

Layer Composition

The crust of the earth is made up of mostly dirt, hard rock like sedimentary and metamorphic, and hard metal. The mantle is made up of molten igneous rock which shifts around under the crust. The outer core is made up of liquid metals like iron and nickel. The inner core because of the pressure of gravity is solid iron metal.

Layer Depth

The Earth's crust has a depth of 0-15 kilometers(0-31 miles), being the thinnest layer. The mantle, who is the thickest layer, has a depth of 10-2890 kilometers(6-1806 miles). The outer core has a depth of 2890-51509 kilometers(1806-3219 miles).And the inner core has a depth of 5150-6370 kilometers(3219-3981 miles).

Layer Temperature Range

The crust of the Earth has a temperature range of 0-870 degrees Celsius. The mantle has a temperature range of 870-3,7000 degrees Celsius. The outer core has a temperature range of 3,700-4,300 degrees Celsius. And the inner core has a temperature range between 4,300-7,200 degrees Celsius.

Convection Currents

Convection currents are the force that moves the crust across the surface of the mantle. As the molten rock moves beneath the crust it pushes the different pieces of the crust together on one side of the world and away from each other on the other. As the two pieces of crust run in to each other three things can happen, if it is two continental plates they both rise to create mountains, if two oceanic plates run into each other the heavier one runs underneath the lighter one, and if a oceanic and continental plate meet the oceanic plate goes underneath the continental plate because it is heavier. When the plate that goes under goes into the mantle it melts and becomes part of it which eventually rises up through the cracks in the Earth's crust, creating volcanic hot spots.


Evidence of the different layers of earth are things such as magma and lava that suggest a molten interior  under the hard crust of the world.

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