Le' sean McCoy
  My Hero

"My Hero" Computer Science Project Website
Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
(School District of Philadelphia)
1601 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121
by Jimir Seagraves

Watch his struggles and Obstacles

Why Is A Hero ?

Le'sean McCoy is my hero. He is inspiring. There was not very much obstacles he had to over come. One obstacle he had to over come could have ended his football playing career. In his senior year of high school he had broken he ankle. Many said he could never come back or would never be the same. Many said he was just a 15 minute hall or fame player. He has proven every one who doubted wrong. Not only has he come back but he has come back better. He showed that no matter what he is going all out.

Le'sean McCoy broke his right ankle. He went from being the #1 ranked best running back to being #50. He lost most of his scholarships to many good schools.

The only obstacle I really know is when he had broken his ankle and lots his scholarships.

Le'sean McCoy has been working out mentally and physically to regain his spot as being #1 again. When he came back it showed me he won't quit after an injury and that if you want it really bad you will find a way to get it.