• The Bahamas comprise an archipelago of about 700 islands0(29 of which are inhabited) and some 2,000 rocks and cays
  • Over half of the Bahamas' population of more than 320,000 inhabitants reside on New Providence Island, which houses the capital city of Nassau.
  • In the Bahamas the major language is English.
  • The Bahamas is in the North Atlantic Ocean on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, just 72 kilometers (45 miles) southeast of Florida.
  • The nation has a high birth rate with 19.54 births per 1,000 people compared with 6.81 deaths per 1,000.

world geography

  • Nassau is the capital city of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is on New Providence Island, a 21-mile long stretch of paradise influenced by West African, English and Haitian cultures


  • The high temperature in Nassau is 84 degrees and the low is 69 degrees.
  • The average rainfall in Nassau is 55 inches and 1396 millimeters.


  • Popular music in the Bahamas are calypso,Soca and Junkanno.
  • the popular food in the Bahamas are seafood such as fish, shellfish, lobster, crab, and conch, as well as tropical fruits, rice, peas, pigeon peas, potatoes, and pork.

Interesting facts

  • A trip to the Bahamas from the united states would take 10 hours and 30 minutes by plane.
  • The most common mode of transportation to go to the Bahamas is by plane.
  • The pink sand of Pink Sands Beach, on Harbor Island the Bahamas, comes from Foraminifera, a microscopic marine animal with a bright pink or red shell.
  • During the glacial period, the sea level was as low as 250 feet below its present level. During this time, the limestone that forms the islands was eroded by acid rain, which ended up cutting hundreds of systems of vertical and horizontal caves that are now below the islands.