Billie Holiday
By : WIlna Louis

"If I don't have  friends, then I ain't got nothing. "

Lady Day

My person was Billie Holiday, her real name was Elenora. She changed it to Billie which is the name of her  favorite actor.When she was born her mom was 13 and her dad was 15.She was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Billie‚Äôs father never married her mother until she was three. Her father was really neglectful, and her family was poor. Billie was a prostitute at the age of 15. She had a drug addiction to narcotics also she was inspired by Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith. Billie holiday was famous for her voice which was bittersweet, and joyously transcendent. Her nickname was Lady Day and she always wore a gardenia in her hair.  She grew up in  Baltimore , Maryland, but she moved to New York and was raided by her mom.She was married twice to Louis McKay and Joe Guy, but She didn't have any children. She died in New York city on July 17, 1959.   The people that  Billie Holiday inspired Frank Sanitara and  Macy Gray. She also inspired Rock and Roll music, she was put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an early influence.

Singing with her inspiration

Billie Holiday sang this song with Louis Armstrong who was her inspiration.

Billie Holiday was born in Baltimore, Maryland.


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