*Plate Tectonics*

By: Ashley  T.

*Alfred Wegener*

"Alfred Wegener was a German polar researcher, geophysicist and meteorologist."


Convergent Boundary: An actively deforming region where two or more tectonic plates move toward one another and collide.

Divergent Boundary: "A linear feature that exists between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other."

Transform Boundary: "Where two plates slide against each other in a sideways motion."

Rift Zone: "a feature of some volcanoes in which a linear series of fissures in the volcanic edifice allows lava to be erupted from the volcano's flank instead of from its summit."

Subduction Zone: "the collision between two of the planet's tectonic plates, the pieces of crust that slowly move across the surface over millions of years."


Juan De Fuca is off the coast of Washington. The volcano's that erupt affect the cascades because they develop the mountains.

Convection Current is a current in a fluid that results from convection and the convection current plays a role in the magma drive.

"Channeled Scablands was created where the Ice Age Floods accelerated across the surface of the Palouse slope that caused massive erosion. Most of the eroded sediment was carried to the Pacific Ocean."