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When running everything at $5, you'll notice things moving a bit slower than you may want as it'll probably take almost 2 days to get the full picture of your data after spending $25. When running Ten, Ten, Five, you will get a good amount of targetr review back on the very first day allowing you to move and make decision quicker but you'll still have that variety.
Having the variety is important to see which flavor ad does best for that particular situation so if your GROUP ads seem to perform a lot better than the others you can use that data going forward and focus on GROUP ads.
Now, we've yet to talk about the objective you want to go for because I wanted to get the above information clear and understandable. For any new folks, the objective is the action you want Facebook Ads to optimize for.

The different objectives are Boost your posts, Send to website, Promote your page, Increase conversions on your website and Get video views. There are more but I've never used them so I won't speak on them. For my test ads AND when I begin to scale and further, all I launch are CONVERSION ads. Setting your ads up through Ads Manager, this is the “Increase conversion on your website” button.

Honestly, I rarely set ads up via Ads Manager. I think AdEspresso is a much better tool and I would recommend using it because not only is way quicker, it's also a much easier experience setting up ads – I just love the UI a lot more than the FB Ads Manager and the Power Editor so I just stick there. Yes, it does cost on a monthly basis but I think it's more than worth it in the short and long run so, why not? If you plan on making a good amount of money, a small monthly fee shouldn't bother you. You can get started with a free targetr review without even needed a credit card so you should be able to get started with it and make money before you even have to pay. Regardless, it's easily worth the investment and that's exactly what it is, an investment – and a good one if I may add. Go to to check it out and start your free trial, no affiliate link or anything, it's just one of the few tools that I use that I really like. When setting up ads via AdEspresso, it's pretty easy to optimize your ad for conversions.The PURCHASE is what you should focus your attention on at all times because that's exactly what you want to take place.

Always optimize for sale, even from the very beginning in test mode! I know some people throw up a $5 PPE ad first to see how the audience reacts but I personally just start out the gate optimizing for conversions and it works! I think this just simplifies things by focusing in on what matters most. Some people's argument to this will be the point that a fresh conversion pixel won't have enough data to “optimize” for conversions but I'm pretty sure if your targeting is on point it doesn't really matter! It's definitely true that when your pixel gets more purchases, it's going to get a lot smarter for you but that doesn't mean it's useless in the beginning. It's just as effective if not more effective than starting with a plain PPE ad so I'd say just simplify it and roll with all conversion ads. Launching test ads. When you launch test ads, you are preparing to spend up to $25 per tshirt idea you launch. You want a sale by the time you hit $25 spent or the campaign should probably be cut. The only time you'd want to go over $25 is if you have an incredible reason to continue. High CTR, Low CPC and most importantly, lots of engagement – specifically people commenting showing buyer intent with comments saying they want or are going to buy. Understand, once you hit $25 spent, if you then get a sale, overall that's a $25 conversion. On average, margins on t-shirts will be anywhere from $12 - $16 so if you get a sale at $25 spent, even if your margin on the shirt is $16 you'll still be $7 in the red, which isn't good. The ideal thing is to at least breakeven or better yet have some kind of ROI by $25 spent. If you hit $25 and have 0 sales, it's just not a good targetr review for the shirts potential. If you hit $25 and you've got 1 or 2 sales, this is a much better sign that your shirt may have potential but it's still important to keep a look out.


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