Mesopotamian Headquarters

Xander Hentschel

This is a ziggurat, it was used for worshiping gods.

A ziggurat is a pyramid shaped temple made with giant steps and was used for worshiping gods and goddeses.

Cuneiform is a wedge shaped form of writing, it was the first form of writing, but it was very difficult to read and write, but it was effective for the people of Mesopotamia.

Code of Hammurabi
The code of Hammurabi is a law formed by the ruler Hammurabi. The law states that whatever someone does to you, you can do to them, it was a cruel law.

The wheel was invented in Mesopotamia and allowed fast travel and transportation.

Gods and Goddesses
Here is a list of gods and goddesses
-Adad, god of storms
-Dumuzi, god of harvest and the underworld
-Ereshkigal, goddess of the underworld
-Ninhurta, god of war
-Marduk, god and protector of Babylon
-Ashur, Assyrian god
-Ea, god of freshwater, wisdom. farming, magic, building, and crafts
-Anu, god of the sky and ruler of all gods
-Nabu, god of scribes, wisdom and writing
-Ellil, god of Nippur and so powerful that other gods can't even look at him
-Ninhursag, mother of the gods
There are some gods of Mesopatamia

Here is a Mesopotamia video