Redskin Mascot Controversy

1. Write the title of the article and the autor's name.

A slur or term of 'honor'? Controversy heightens about Washington Redskins by Michael Martinez

2. Write a brief summary--what is the main idea presented in the article?

The main idea is about how people want to change the redskin name, which lead to all the racism sin the past.

3. Lift a line--choose something from the article that you think is particularly interesting. Copy the line word for word and then explain why you chose it.

Team owners strongly dispute any racism behind the mascot and won't change it, saying the Redskins name honors "where we came from, who we are."

I think that this line is telling the reader that Redskin is not something that they are making fun of that it is something to be proud of.

4. Make a text-to-text connection. How does your article relates to the one we read yesterday.

The Indians doesn't want the name Redskin and tell them to change it. But the demonstrators vow that he will never change it.

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