By Madeline and Levi

Learn about shapes and Angles!

Hello, this is our website about geometry! We hope you enjoy learning about geometry on our website. Have Fun!

The game link above is an awesome game about angles! Try and help the gorillas get the bananas to each other!

Acute Angles

An angle whose measure is always between 1 and 89 degrees.

Obtuse Angles

An angle whose measure is between 91 and 179 degrees.

Straight Angles

An angle that is 180 degrees.

Right Angle

An angle of 90 degrees


A four sided polygon.


A rectangle with equal sides all around.


A parallelogram with four right angles.


A flat shape with four equal sides.


A flat surface.


A quadrilateral plane figure, with two parallel and two non-parallel sides.


A quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel to each other.

Above is an awesome game about angles where you can use the skills you just learned earlier on the page!

Credit to and for the definitions.