noun. a person, usually elderly, who is honored for wisdom and experience.
SAPERE "to taste", "to perceive", "to be sensible or wise"

The soon to be married couple consulted the sages of the town for prematitial counseling and to ask for advise.


adj. aware, having knowledge of something
NOSCO, NOSCERE, NOVI, NOTUM "to get to know", "to get acquainted with"

The teacher quickly became cognizant of her student's cheating when all of the class made perfect scores.


adj. to assign a reputation to (usually used with to be)

AP Psychology is reputed to be the easiest AP class offered at Providence.


noun. a sign or feeling concerning some future event; omen; foreboding
SAGIO, SAGIRE "to perceive acutely or keenly with the senses or mind"

Dark clouds are usually a presage of rain or a thunderstorm.


Noun. a direct vote by all the people of a country or district on an important matter; a referendum.
SCIO, SCIRE, SCIVI, SCITUM "To understand", "to understand"

South Sudan became the newest country in the world as a result of the 2011 plebiscite.

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