Illustrated Postcard in Cotton Paper

by Desfigura

Product description:

Illustrated card/postcard designed in cotton paper;
An envelope made of stitched engineering paper is included;
2 pages card :: front & back;


  • 3.35 £ / unit
  • Discount for multiple items:
    3x :: 8.50 £
    5x :: 12.50 £

»» For MULTIPLE pack orders, please inform us about the which cards you want us to send to you. Use the numbers in the images to identify each postcard.
(Example: #1, #2 and #3)

We have a wide range of equally awesome postcards with unique handmade illustrations. These would be great as a present or even framed as wall art, too!

If you have any specific request, don't hesitate...
We'll be glad to produce any specific requirements you may desire.

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Desfigura
  • Color: Background white
  • Design: Unique Illustration
  • Number Pages: 2 (front & back)
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 11cm
  • Weight: N/A


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