My Family

Some aspects about me and my family

Well, I not talk about my family frequently but in this case let me introduce to each one.You can see we are only my dad (Andres), my mom (Angelica) and my two sisters (Jessica and Monica). They are single women but have boyfriends.

About my father's family I just have to one aunt, Mercedes. She´s 85 years old and took this picture last month when we celebrated my father´s birthday. Thanks God she has a good health, is a loving woman, very patient and with much energy. She live with us since 10 years ago. She never got married and always has been a independent woman.

About my mother´s family, I have to my grandma, three uncles and two aunts (all married) and with 12 cousins (8 male and 4 female). However, most of them decided to emigrate to another countries in the 90´s. My grandpa died 5 years ago.They come to visit to my grandma some days in the last years and I´m so sorry for not post some picture when we met all together but I have not found any picture.

Honestly, not having any picture with all my extended family is an unforgivable mistake.

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