part 3

The rattle snake is at the top of the food pyramid in the desert. It eats birds,rodents,and other snakes.

Caring capacity is the limit of the species that lives in an area.

part 4

A limiting factor is if a wild fire comes and destroys there shelter so some of the snakes die out so the population goes down.

part 5

Cacti are just one of the producers in the desert.Animals that eat this producer are birds but snakes eat the birds and lizards.Hawks eat the snakes and the hawks are not hunted.

The lizards and insects get there energy from the plants and the plants get energy from the sun.The hawk gets its energy from the snake and the snake gets energy from the lizard.

If the producer was taken out the whole ecosystem will colapse.

part 6

Food webs are more realistic than food chains , because there are more animals eating each other.

part 7

The reason its in a pyarmid is it shows the energy going up and there is less energy going from the one under it.

part 8

the chemical formula is c6 h12 o

what is needed

sun light water and co2

part 9


they are ways plants grow

for example negative tropisms is when the roots go down in the earth.

tropsms help plants live it helps them get out  trouble if an animal preys on the plant it would half o find way to get away or climb  tree.

part 10 decomposers

Decomposers are vital to the ecosystem because they give nutrition to the earth .if they were not to exist the plants would die out and then the consumers until all would die out.

In my ecosystem there would be Maggits worms and other decomposers.

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