Cough, cough when I opened my eyes I noticed the rather large cigar and the thick black smoke being produced at the end of it. In confusion my mind began to race. Where am I? Am I in the 1920's or something? I murmured to myself. Hey darling want a puff? Um I don't smoke no thanks. The gentlemen had slicked back hair that reminded me of a dark night sky . When he turned to glance at me his cold dark blue eyes gave me chills down my spine. Oh yeah and did I mention he was well dressed. My goodness if this was a dream I wanted to stay in it. That's when she tapped me on the shoulder. Hm hmm want a drink? Oh no I don't drink either. I'm guessing she was a flapper due to her bobbed hair cut and short dress. After she strutted away he said oh you don't drink either? Goody girl huh? Well I don't know I guess you can say that. When he spoke it was like thunder but unlike thunder he voice was comforting. So are we in a club? Sweetheart we in the Birdland Club one of the finest in New York. Do you see that colored man up there on the stage playing the trumpet? Honey that's Luis Armstrong that's the best in Jazz right there in front of you. As he kicked back in the chair he opened a newspaper. That's when I noticed the cover page said New York Times June 9th 1920. Wow I really am in the 20's I thought to myself. Darling do you wanna get out of here and get something to eat? Yes that sounds great. His rough, firm hand clutched mine and we trailed out of the club.

When we got outside to the curb I could finally breathe without inhaling cigar smoke. The Model T glistened in the moonlight. The gentlemen that I called him earlier was evidently showing when he opened my car door for me. Even though the car ride was only 3 minutes it was pure silence. The only communication between us was when he looked over at me and winked and the little smile that came shortly after it. I was lost in my thoughts, wow this is great, flappers, jazz, old-fashion automobiles, gorgeous men! He turned the engine off and the automobile chortled then returned to dead silence. As he went to get out of the car he slid back in and shut the door. Darling one last thing. He leaned over and pressed his lips to mine softly. His hands on my jawline and his fingers covering the tips of my ears. The last thing I remembered was the chilling sensation that I got from his cufflinks touching the side of my neck. Beep beep...beep beep! Wow it's 6am already and it's Monday ughhh school.

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