By:  Yulduz Ibragimov, Griffin Ray, Jared Dean,  ChunFaye Wu

"Hemophilia Strikes Again!"

          In Byrd Middle School a student named Michael Scott, had a serious head injury and has been rushed to the hospital for rest.  He was bleeding severely and his   blood vessels did not clot like they were suppose to.  Later that evening Michael's family and him discovered that he had hemophilia.   This is a gene related disorder that is passed down generations.  Afterwards they found that the mother of Michael was a carrier of this genetic disorder.

          Hemophilia can cause longer bleeding periods than normally.  It can be dominant or recessive alleles

No cure for hemophiliaPassed from parents to children through genesCan be mild, moderate, or severe, it depends on how much clotting factors are in the bloodIf not born with the  disorder, it develops it during a persons lifetime.If the hemophilia is severe, it is more likely to bleed more often.If not severe it would not bleed very often.


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