Lose Fat with No Starvation!

Written by Unni Greene, 48 year old mom of 4!

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Wow, now I now why they call you the "Diet Diva"! 80 lbs lost! This information is superb. Thanks so much for helping me lose all this weight!! By reading the detailed plans, I not only learned how to eat properly, but I also discovered my "sins" that are standing in my way . They are stress, lack of sleep, and not eating the right foods. Thank you for sharing this information with me, I really appreciate it!! You have changed my life!

- Nissa Salas, fitness professional and fitness model

http://www.EatMoreToLoseMore.comThere are so many myths out there surrounding fat loss. How can you be sure what really works?

I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours researching all the information that is out there. I have invested time and money into getting FOUR SEPARATE DEGREES IN NUTRITON.  I am a REAL LIFE MOM IN MY MID-LIFE. What I have learned is simple, effective and IT WORKS! I AM NOW READY TO SHARE MY SECRETS WITH YOU!

Let me dispel some of the myths that you may have heard.

Myth: Being middle-aged makes it inevitable to have a “spare tire” of fat around my midsection.

FALSE - I am 48 years old and my waist is smaller today than it was when I was 20!

Myth: Being a mom means I am doomed to have a “mommy body.”

FALSE - I have four children, and I look better today than I did before I had kids!

Myth:I need to spend a fortune on food and pills to get me into shape.

FALSE - All foods on the Eat More to Lose More Program are regular supermarket foods that you cook in your own home.

Myth: I have to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a personal trainer to get in shape.

FALSE - The workouts that I created for you have been used by hundreds of athletes, including myself, and can be done in the privacy of your own home with just a couple of dumbbells. There is no need to even go to a gym!

Myth: I have to starve myself to lose weight and look good

FALSE - You will learn that you can eat MORE than before and still lose FAT! Your metabolism will be reset and you will never be hungry, even while melting the pounds away.

Myth: I screwed up my metabolism by other bad diets and it is now impossible for me to lose weight

FALSE -You will RESET and in no time your body will become a lean, mean fat burning machine.

Myth:My family will be upset when I eat different foods to lose weight.

FALSE - You will still be able to eat what your family is eating, and they can benefit too. They will love the new you, and they will also want to look and feel as good as you do.

Myth: I have to seek out and pay a nutritionist to make sure that I lose weight safely and correctly.

FALSE -I have four degrees in Nutrition, Supplementation, Kid’s Nutrition, and Performance Nutrition. I am better qualified to guide you than a regular Nutritionist and you can follow my plan in the comfort of your own home.

Myth: To be healthy and to lose weight I have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements and eat weird, bland foods.

FALSE - I will teach you which supplements are the best for fat loss and health and you will eat REGULAR DELICIOUS FOODS.

Myth:To lose weight I need a personal chef to prepare my foods.

FALSE - My book has EASY, DELICIOUS, AND INEXPENSIVE meals that have simple recipes for you to make again and again with ease.

Myth: After having kids, I will never be able to wear a bikini again.

FALSE - You can have the body to wear a bikini at any age and EVEN AFTER HAVING KIDS!

Myth: I travel and have to eat out a lot so I will never lose weight.

FALSE -You can and will be able to eat out and know what to order to still lose weight.

Everything you have been looking for is just a click away. It is right at your fingertips.

Are you ready to make it happen, finally and once and for all?

Are you ready to take your body where it has never been able to go before?

Do you want to stop procrastinating and start TODAY?

Are you tired of dishing out hundreds of dollars, spend countless hours on programs that do not work and getting nowhere at all?

Go to http://www.EatMoreToLoseMore.com to get my fail proof nutrition information, meal plans for fat loss, workouts, supplement recommendations and even mental training tips to help you get YOUR DREAM BODY!

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