Designing Student Assessments

Invest Goal

Student Information

Student Data

At the beginning of the year I started out by seeing where a student was at the end of their third grade year.  I looked at 3rd Grade STAAR scores, Fluency scores, and Independent Reading Levels.  As the year continued I tracked a students growth in these areas, and designed my instruction and assessments around this data.

Student Data

TEK Specific Review for Reading and Writing

These lessons are directly linked to skills that students were struggling with.  They are TEK specific, and target valuable skills that the students are struggling with.  

Major Grade Charts
Student Reflections

Students were responsible for tracking their Major Grades in their Reader's / Writer's Notebooks.  This allowed the students to reflect upon their grades and areas that they are doing well in and areas that need improvements.  

Student Assessments

Spelling Tests on Edmodo

Students enjoyed the opportunity to take spelling and vocabulary tests on Edmodo.  They enjoyed the individualized pacing, and were able to repeat words or definitions as needed.

Student assessments were often done in their Reader's / Writer's Notebooks.  They often analyzed authentic literature.  The above piece was poetry where they had to identify the theme, imagery, stanzas, and rhyme scheme.  By using actual pieces of poetry in their notebooks, I was not only able to assess the students understanding of specific skills, the students were also able to use it as review.  


Stop, Think, and Jots were a great way to assess a students reading skills.  The STJ's above assessed inferences, plot structure, and making connections.