Nations of the world, Tara Stevens, 5/5/14

Population-  317,351 (July 2014 est.)

Life expectancy- total population: 81.22 years, male- 78.98 years female: 83.54 years

Poverty Rate- 10%

Unemployment- total: 13.6%, male: 14.7% ,female: 12.4%

Number of internet users- 301,600

Gross national product (GNP)- 13.67 billion

Challenges in the future- Their challenges will be to decrease the amount of people in poverty and decrease the unemployment rate. Another challenge will be to decrease their debt (130.5% of GDP)

Culture-  Offers many festivals such as, Iceland Airwaves, Gay Pride, Reykjavik Culture Night, RIFF Reykjavik Film Festival, have resources of fresh water, clean nature and fertile fishing grounds, During the months of June and July, Iceland has days with a full 24 hours of sunlight, handball is the national sport,  the dairy product Skyr is one of the fishing industry is important and  serves as the main source of food, Iceland has a ton of volcanic activity, drinks more more Coca Cola per capita than anywhere else in the world

Language- Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, German widely spoken

Religion- Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland (official) 76.2%, Roman Catholic 3.4%, Reykjavik Free Church 2.9%, Hafnarfjorour Free Church 1.9%, The Independent Congregation 1%, other religions 3.6% (includes Pentecostal and Asatru Association), none 5.2%, other or unspecified 5.9%

Type of Government- constitutional republic


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