Severe Thunderstorms

                       By Sullivan Gates

This is a severe thunderstorm.

A thunderstorm is called a severe thunderstorm when there is torrential rain and also a lot of lighting. The rain would cause flooding and the lighting sometimes will take a life. That is what differentiates a thunderstorm and a severe thunder storm.  

How Does A Severe Thunderstorm Form?

The ingredients that are needed to from a severe thunderstorm are moisture, unstable air, and also lift ( breeze bringing the air up ) The moisture is needed to make the clouds and the rain. You need the unstable air so the air that is warm rises quickly.

How Does Lighting From?

Small pieces of ice from in the high altitudes because of the cold temperature. When the pieces of ice move together and create friction. After a little while the charge builds up and the cloud can not hold any more electricity. So the electricity shoots out of the cloud and hit the easiest path to the grounds

June 13 1991 Chaska Minnesota

This specific Severe thunderstorm made history because of the force this storm had. The storm was really bad and one person died at a golf course. Five other people were knocked unconscious and some were temporally paralyzed. The cost of the damage I could not find.

Chicago, Illinois June 23 2010

This severe thunderstorm in Chicago, Illinois brought hail, high winds, and heavy rains to the areas it hit. The wind speeds got up to 80 mph in some places. The damage included downed trees and downed power lines in some areas. The cost of repair I could not find. Also the storm casued much flase flooding in some areas.

Lightning John Hamlton    Info


 Lightning By: John Hamlton