rube goldberg

choosing my project (entry #1 )

i picked rube goldberg

i picked rube goldberg because i liked making the stages

i want to learn how to make a  good rube goldberg

intro research (planning) (entry #2)

would like to do this for a career because its fun

further introduction research (entry #3)

i watched videos of rube goldberg machine to see how to  make better stages

we made a new stage that worked to our skeck

entry  #4

entry #5


we are starting to bring more stuff in to work on making the stages and stuff



tech stuff part 1

tech stuff part 2

we have to plan how to change a stage because it didn't work the way we wanted to

we have to make the last stage i started expperamenting what we  could do for the last stage because the lat stage ehe book  was to hevy



it not working so we have to come up with something else because the stage that we had planed it didnt work because of how we have stuff set up

we figerd out how to make a stage that worked  out to go to the next stage because we already have a rolling stage


we are having trouble building it the way  we had it before

reserch #14


i reacherched other rube golberg   to see how to set some things up and how  things work

our next step is to find something that's not too hevy but not too leight

did it work


we changed some things so it did work

some things where not hevy  enough

reflections #18

i learned how to make things and build

our project turned out great

no because  as i was doing it i figered out that i didn't like it as much as i thought

yes  i would have  choses a differnt thing because  as i was doing it  i figgerd out that i didn't like it as much as i though

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