By Rachel Eaton

The Industrial Revolution was a time when people would make a factory and hope that everything would work for the better. Samuel Slater was a man who worked in the UK in a factory where the first mills were used. Nobody was allowed to take any information about the mill outside of the mill. Samuel Slater obeyed this rule but instead he remembered everything he could about the mill and came to the states in hope of making a factory based off the one he had worked at. Not long after his factory started up he had a very successful business. After seeing what Samuel could do with what he had many people hoped to make a mill as successful as his, and many did. Some people tried to start up a mill but failed to do so, with so many other people in the business you either made it or didn't make it. Although the people who owned the factories were hard at work achieving their dreams the people on the inside were to ones who made it all happen. Any person who worked in the mills could only hope that they could keep their job. Many people moved around from factory to factory in search of the one that would pay the best, board the best, and they stayed at the one that they liked to most. Although many women worked in mills more than not it wasn’t a woman behind the loom it was a young child who was small enough to fit in the machines and could fix anything that went wrong. The parents of the small children who worked in the mills would hope that their son or daughter would come home with all limbs attached, and that they would do the same for days to come. All in all the Industrial Revolution was about hope, and work kept the hope thriving.

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