Selena Gomez

BY :Asia Harrison

Selena Gomez is very important in the world today because of all of her hard work as a child paid off she started off with her bright personality as a child on the child hood show "barney" she struck the world with her cuteness then her talent took off from there.

Selena Marie Gomez was born in Grand Prairie,Texas on July 22, 1992

Selena Gomez was born as a regular person until her parents introduced her into the business world early. she started off as a a baby on the childhood show called barney and friends .

With multiple platinum records, tons of starring roles in both the movie and tv world a headline making social life effortless beauty and the sweet soul of a Christmas elf  it’s hard to imagine our girl selena gomez  ever had to go through any struggles to get where she is today. But imagine it  because she totally did sel recently dished to i-D magazine about a time when she was just a shy little girl auditioning for her very first Disney role  and if you ask us it only makes her even more lovable.

important facts

.Selena gomez is one of the worlds pop star idol
. she is very known
.she loves the stage and all of her fans!
. the latest i have heard she has a boyfriend as you may know as well justin bebier
. also selena played on the televisoin show wizards of waverly place , she is very funny

the beautiful Selena Gomez..... i chose this picture of Selena because it is a symbol of her beauty she is still young she seems fun and out going !

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