K-12 Learning Options

Fun with Module 9


What is this? Students simply shake the app in order to receive inspiration for stories from the apps prompt in a quick 5-10 minutes.

How can it be used? Journal Jar can be used to help students in language arts or English having a "writers block" of sorts. The students have the opportunity to receive inspiring ideas for stories when they cannot think of anything. Through different words and phrases ideas form.


What is this? VoiceThread is a website and an app that allows students to create a podcast/video of sorts.

How can it be used? Students can add pictures, videos and drawings, in addition to a soundtrack recording. The website also allows other classmate to comment and add their input to their work.


What is this? Fotobabble App allows students to tell a story from a picture they take.

How can it be used? Students can take a pictures of things/moments that bring up memories that they explain as a story. More description and details can be remembered and taken through the picture.


What is it? Animation Creator HD Lite is an app that gives students the opportunity to create animations.

How can it be used? The use of this app can give the students the chance to express their creativity. They can use audio with their animation as well as create a graphic novel/professional-looking creation.


What is it? Students are able to create stories to add the adventures of Bubble and Pebble.

How can it be used? They are helping to create new and wonderful adventures for already great and well-known characters. Many examples have already been created by other students which will help spark your students interest to come up with bigger and better things!

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