What will 2015 hold for you, and our World?

   For me 2015 will become a very exciting year. I will start the year greatly improved in swimming and will hopefully letter. Then I will finish of my 10th grade year and go directly to New Jersery to rebuild houses destroyed by super storm sandy. Most of my summer though will be hiking in the Canadian Rockies, and finally I will start my junior year of high school.
    The world as a whole on the other hand will be working towards medical and non-medical technology. Our sciences will be hopefully used for mass producing a cure for diseases such as aids, so that poor countries will be able to buy and use them. And I am sure or non-medical technology will advance also hopefully taking us away from fully gas using cars completely, which will help to improve the global pollution.

What do you think 2041 will look like?

 Personally, I have no idea as to what new gadgets we are able to make. I think the fun in evolving is seeing, as we go, what new technologies can be created. For example the first modern computer was only made around 60 years ago, cell phones were only created around 30 years ago and look how far we have come. For me the future will be a pleasant surprise if sciences advance, and technology becomes something we thought was impossible. But, if we fail to advance because of the stubbornness of our world leaders, and human beings in general, we could become the very thought in movies such as Wall-e or Soylent Green, were our world becomes so over polluted that it is near impossible to live on.

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3 years ago

Strong specifics and design, Sam. Where in Jersey are you going?