Parkway's Astronomy Night

Tuesday, November 11th

Mark your lunar calendar.

We are getting ready for our Astronomy and Space Exploration STEM Night. Please join us on this exciting evening for stargazing on the school grounds and a variety of hands-on activities in the building. You can visit the book fair, which runs from 3:00-6:00 that evening, and then stay for our event.

We look forward to seeing all of our school's bright stars.

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Khabir (+2) 2 years ago
Aidan and Kate Surdez (+1) 2 years ago
Daquino family (+3) 2 years ago
Paige Poska 2 years ago

Paige and her dad will be attending.

caleb lindell (+1) 2 years ago
Ella, Gabe & Landon Williams (+3) 2 years ago

We will bring our telescope

Lucy and Amelia Slagle (+2) 2 years ago
Liam Fitzgerald (+1) 2 years ago
Finn and Isabel Waltrip (+2) 2 years ago

one adult and two kids

Nathan Clendenin (+3) 2 years ago
charlotte headland (+3) 2 years ago
Liam Davis (+2) 2 years ago
Dax Mitchell (+3) 2 years ago
Spencer Bokee (+2) 2 years ago
Hugo Merry (+1) 2 years ago
Ella Oberlander (+1) 2 years ago
Marisa Bruce 2 years ago

I have a telescope and will help out with anything you need!

Kettlestrings Family (+3) 3 years ago
David, Stephanie, and Layla Collins (+2) 3 years ago
Pia + Noa Petke (+2) 3 years ago (+2) 3 years ago

Edward (Ted) McCutcheon, Sr. + Teddy & Maddy McCutcheon

Anne Marie Whang (+2) 3 years ago
Abigail Effland (+1) 3 years ago
Tobiason's (+1) 3 years ago
Griffins (+2) 3 years ago
Brady, Allie, Randy, and Katie Martin 3 years ago
Connor Jones (+2) 3 years ago
The Frazier Family (+2) 3 years ago
Nicolas and Cora Preda (+2) 3 years ago
Betsy Little 3 years ago
Tara Hoffman (+1) 3 years ago
? Aidan Surdez 2 years ago
? Kershner Family 2 years ago
? Rhonda McLaughlin 3 years ago

Hopefully 3 of us

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about the night.

Please let us know if you have a telescope at home that you are willing to bring in to share with other members of our school community.

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3 years ago

Thanks to everyone who is able to attend our exciting night. Please let us know if you have a telescope that you are willing to share.