"Monster Mash"

"Zombie Robot"

Scary Zombie Robot

Hi, kids we are selling "Monster Mash!" Guess what it is? It's a Zombie Mash Robot that it could make your potato mash potato. It can make anything for you, it can make Zombie Cakes and scare everybody who comes to Trick-or-Treat. He also jumps on you and gets all your candy before you even know it so you don't have to waste money on candy every year. Every time you come to his house on Mondays it gives you good luck even if you hate good luck. It also gives you gifts every holiday, if you are nice on Halloween, but if you are bad he gives you scary nightmares right beside you. Now you start being good kids and buy our cool "Zombie Robot," call "Monster Mash." Please email monstermash@gmail.com or call now at 906-795-2345 FOR FREE! Buy one now and you'll get one more for free. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!It is also 8"6 feet tall and it is skinny (not a lot) and strong like a Super Strength.

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