Rachel Should Have The Spotlight!

A choice made by your father is not a choice  made by your heart.

And my choice was to marry Jacob.

On my wedding day, or the day that was my wedding day, I was in my dressing room waiting to marry the love of my life. My dress was purchased, the decorations were in place, and the guests were beginning to arrive. With much excitement, I couldn't comprehend that my dad was expressing that Leah would be married today instead of me. People often think that I chose not to marry him, like it was a casual nervous-wreck of a bride on her wedding day. But, it wasn't one of those scenarios. All I wanted to do was be with Jacob forever, but of course since he was s0 cute, Leah wanted him for herself, too. What an obnoxious monster; she was Cinderella's two step-sisters in one body! I think that I deserve to be with Jacob forever. After all, I am the one who Jacob proposed to.

People always say, "First is the worst, and second is the best!"

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