1984 Reading Log - Nicole Crisham

Book 1: Chapters 1-2

Summary- Winston comes home from work to have lunch and thinks about his day to day life. He goes to the one place in his apartment that can't be seen by the telescreens and talks about movies he has seen and other things from the past couple of days and also fills an entire page with the words: DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER. He realizes this and knows he has committed a major Thoughtcrime. Winston is then scared by a knocking on the door and soon finds out it is just his neighbor who needs help with her apartment. We meet her children who soon accuse him of a Thoughtcrime, but Winston disregards them.  He sees that it is nearly time for him to leave back to work and the section ends.

Discussion Questions- 1) How do the Thought Police read thoughts? Do they read body language to see if you have something to hide or did the author believe that mind reading would be a possibility by then? 2) How is almost everyone perfectly fine with how their society is run?

Quotation- "Another year, two years, and they would be watching her night and day for symptoms of unorthodoxy." (Orwell 34)

Learning Station #5

We found one piece of propaganda in a sprint commercial commonly on YouTube where the people cut their bill in half from the other companies in the same business (Verizon, AT&T, etc.).  With this they are trying to imply that they are better because they have a lower price than anyone else and no one is better than them. The other piece of propaganda we found in a Surface Pro 3 commercial that aired around Christmas that compared their product to an Apple product; in the process, saying they were far batter for being a tablet and a laptop while the Mac is just a laptop. Both of these commercials were effective in convincing that the producing company was far better than their competitors.

Book 1: Chapters 3-6

In this section of the reading, we met a couple of Winston's coworkers, Syme, that worked in creating Newspeak. He talks about the government's clandestine plan to take out all words that could be used to commit Thoughtcrime or deviate from the average thoughts. This change in the language would make the government omnipotent and the people even more mindless. The power that language has is what controls all of the people in Airstrip One. No one but Winston has an inkling of what would happen if the language was shrunken. After that language is made smaller, no one would be able to have ardent thought because there would be no words to express their feelings.

Book 1: Chapters 7-8

  1. How can the proles have enough conscious thought to rebel if they need to rebel to create conscious thought?
  2. If evidence still existed against the Party, how would one be able to get that evidence to the masses?
  3. Why would something antique and beautiful be a threat to the Party?

#3: Winston, as he was buying his beautiful paperweight, thought, "Anything old, and for that matter anything beautiful, was always vaguely suspect" (Orwell 108). A reason something antique and beautiful would be a "threat" to the Party is that the object could make people question why everyone has to be the same. In questioning that, they would be beginning to think for themselves in a manner that may inspire rebellious thought. Even though on first glance a small trinket like the one Winston bought couldn't possibly inspire a revolution, the Party wants to be absolutely certain that nothing could ever bring them down from their position of control.

Book 2: 1-3

In the beginning of the book, Winston hates Julia purely because he thinks she is most likely a diligent party member because she is a young woman. When she decides to slip him a note telling him she loves him they find a way to meet and talk and their relationship bloomed from there. They talked in a place in the countryside about themselves and they make love. They meet a few more times in many different places to discuss the party and why they revolt against the party. Julia made all of her talk of revolt "[come] back to her sexuality" (Orwell 145-146). That was the way she revolted in her life to try to make things better for her generation. To convince herself that she could be free. Winston revolts in his own way to get future generations free. Their relationship is a small act of revolt against the party.

In this poster I tried to find pictures that if this were used for the party would make people see the slavery side of the slogan. A couple of the pictures show how harsh slavery is. The other pictures relate to the plot of the book to make the poster pull the imaginary people towards being obedient. JWhat I wanted this to mean was that there was pretty much no way out for the people because of how their government worked.

Book 2: Chapters 4-8

1. "In this room I'm going to be a real woman, not a party comrade" (Orwell 156).

2. "'You're only a rebel from the waist downwards,' he told her" (Orwell 169).

3. "By sharing a small act of thoughtcrime he had turned the two of them into accomplices" (Orwell 172).

4. "If you loved someone, you loved him, and when you had nothing else to give, you still gave him love" (Orwell 178).

5. “We shall meet again—if we do meet again—’ Winston looked up at him. ‘In the place where there is no darkness?’ he said hesitantly. O’Brien nodded without appearance of surprise. ‘In the place where there is no darkness,’ he said, as though he had recognised the allusion.” (Orwell 192)

Article Summary

The author of "Lies My Teacher Taught Me" first discussed the revolution in the US where people began to look at history textbooks and think that there was something wrong with how they were being taught. The author also talked about another book someone else had written about the truths of American history that the high school textbooks made seem a way that they weren't. The author discussed how the other person had written their book with a bias and that made it less of a truth. The book attempted to remove the bias of American history, but it didn't remove all of it and this article touches on that. The author says that it would be very difficult to remove all of the bias out of textbooks because history is written by the victors and they will have their own bias while it's being written.

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