By:  Sammy Effron

               Wisconsin  is  a  beautiful  place.
You  should  explore  this website  so you  will  learn  about  this  state.     

Travel Information

From Atlanta, GA to Madison, WI is 868 miles.

It will take 12 hours and 55 minutes to get there by car

In April the average temperature is 58 Fahrenheit

You should wear fleeces and jeans.

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Historical landmarks

This is the 1851 village school house museum

The School House museum is located on Catherine St. in Benton, WI.

This is the first Benton school house.

It includes many school relations like class pictures, yearbooks, desks, toys, newspapers, and etc.

You should visit this place if you love to learn about the history of school houses.

Physical Features

The Artesian Well

The Artesian Well is located in whitewater, WI.  This is a flowing well.

This well has been flowing steadily since 1895.

This well was 55' deep when it was originally dug.

If you want to learn more about some wells this is the place to go to.

Popular Attractions

Amery Golf Club

The Amery Golf Club is located near west of highway 46 on county F.

This golf club has power carts, walking trails, pro shops, a restaurant, snack bar, and banquet facilities.

18 holes

6286 yards

a driving range

and the par is 72

If you love to play some golf this place is a very beautiful place to golf at.

A Good Restaurant

Johnny Delmonico's steak and seafood

Johnny Delmonico's is located on 130 s Pinckney St, Madison, WI

This place has great steak and seafood.  It has free wifi, a parking deck, and is wheelchair accessible.  

Mon. 11 am-9 pm             Tues. 11 am-9 pm         Wed. 11 am-9 pm         Thur.11 am-9 pm

Fri. 11 am-10 pm                             Sat. 4:30 pm-10 pm                       Sun. 5 pm - 9 pm

If you love to eat some seafood and steak this place is great.

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3 years ago

Sammy- that is a good website I liked the colors and that's a long time for a well to be flowing.

3 years ago

Sammy- this is one of the most detailed websites I have ever seen!!!

3 years ago

your details are so good !

3 years ago

Sammy you did great! I loved the Amery Golf Club. it was an awesome website!

3 years ago

I want to go to Wisconsin and BEER AND CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

I love your website on the Amery Golf Club I wish I could go there

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i think its really cool and unique and u did a great job on the colors and fonts

3 years ago

you did a great job and you rocked with the tackk keep the hard work up,and go pacers

3 years ago

That was amzing the steak place looks amazing GO SAMMY

3 years ago

Sammy you did an awesome job. I have never been to Wisconsin, but am hoping to go one day. When I do go I would love to visit the museum and of course eat at the steak restaurant.