Aquarium project

By: Bryan B/ Arron B.

- The Long fin red minor tetra is a friendly fish and needs not to much space to swim around in. This fish is very social and gets along with other fish. The long fin doesn't try to fight with other fish. The long fin is needing at least 2 of there kind making the price for that fish $11.97.

The formula used is

The mickey mouse platy mainly needs up-to 10 gallons of space.

- The Mickey mouse platy fish is a social fish and is often active.This fish needs an average amount of space but they need to have a partner or another play-mate.  The mickey mouse platy can or doesn't need to have another fish of his kind they can or sometimes live in their own, making the price for each$1.00.

This is the large tank that we are using because there very social and need alot of space. The tanks volume is 75ft cubed.
This filter is needed to keep the fish healthy/clean, the fishes area for them to swim and is kept clean.The average price is $70.00.
The green mondo grass is stationed or mainly located on the ground base of the tank. two or more of these can be used based on your buget./
The cork screw plant is known for it's name because of the stem/leaf as representing it since the stem is twisted and twirled.
The price for the pebble beach gravel is $5.50 per bag. Depending on the size of the tank it will need two or less bags.
The tree root is known to be one of the most common used designs in a fish tank.The average cost is $20 depending on type or size.
This is more of a tropical feel since most of the fish have to do with the tropical/ coral areas. The price is also $25.00.
The cost for the heater is $36.00. Though only one is needed depending on the size of the tank.
this is the light that will over hang on the tank letting the fish see at night time.The average price is $50.00, only one is needed

The final cost for all this for the tank is $54o.47.

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