Hunting Guide

Description of  career

  • Plans, organizes and conducts hunting trips for individuals and groups: Plans itinerary for hunting trips by applying knowledge of countryside to determine best route and sites.
  • Arranges for transporting sportsman, equipment and supplies to hunting area using horses, land vehicles, motorboat, or airplane.
  • Explains and refreshes the hunter about the rules and regulations in the area.
  • Provides the hunters with meals.


  • A good guide needs to have excellent communication skills.
  • Needs to know everything and anything about the game that’s in the area.

Educational Requirements

  • There are schools you can go to that specifically teach about how to become a successful hunting guide, but there really aren't any classes in college available for this career.

Other Requirements

  • A recreational Hunting and Fishing License is required in order to become a guide.


  • When you first start out you earn about 11,000 dollars your first season. There are many different game seasons a year so the salary varies a lot.
  • After a few years you can earn about 19,000 to 41,000 dollars a season.

Future Outlook

  • It’s hard because if you don’t own land already than you have to buy the land. Unless you work for a company than its pretty easy to become a hunting guide.
  • In 2011 there was about 90,000 people working in the hunting guide career.
  • It has a pretty long career because you can always restock the land if there is scarcity of game.


  • If you are an active sportsman and love being outdoors this is the perfect job for you.
  • You get to enjoy the fact that you helped the hunter you’re guiding make a memory that he or she will most likely never forget.

Similar Careers

  • Fishing guides, such as offshore fishing guides.

Why I chose this Career

  • I love hunting and being outdoors, even though there’s not a lot of money involved it would be something that i would enjoy.
  • I don’t think i would be good at this career because I want to make a lot more money.


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