Engineering Is Elementary Webinar

February 19, 2015


A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open. ~Frank Zappa​

What did you notice in the video? What was the teacher doing? What were the students doing? What did you like?


Begin with the end in mind by becoming familiar with the entire EiE binder.

The lesson plan posted on the Planner is designed to be used as a companion piece to the actual Engineering is Elementary binder. The PowerPoints for each lesson follow the EiE binder and can be used as an instructional tool.

Choose the handouts that best meet the abilities and needs of your students.  You might consider making an Engineering Notebook or a section in your students' Science Notebooks to collect handouts and notes.

Find additional resources at the EiE website.

What is and isn't lining up for you as you consider the preparation piece?


The size of groups you use will determine the amount of materials you will need.  Consider how each material will be used in a lesson. You may not need the specific supply listed if a substituted material can perform the same function in the activity.

What questions are hanging around in your mind? What ideas do you want to share?

Engineers Week is next week! Check out our webpage with lots of ideas and inspiration for you and your learners!

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