The Evolution of Communism

Karl Marx

- Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels worked together to write The Communist Manifesto. In it said that man lived in a state of nature that forced him to struggle. The Industrial Revolution had changed the class structure of society. Two new classes emerged, the Bourgeoisie, factory workers and middle class, and the Proletariat, factory workers. The Proletariat didn't like the fact of doing repetitive, boring work in assembly lines.

-Marx believed the working class powered the economy. He thought that the Proletariat would violently overthrow the Bourgeoisie. He also believed that all people would work together toward the common good. National boundaries wouldn't exist anymore because everyone would be equal.

Vladimir Lenin

- Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks (majority) and the face of the Russian Revolution. When Lenin was studying law he became involved in an underground "Marxist" group, the founder was Karl Marx. This group promoted the self-emancipation of Russia's working class. The industrial Revolution was one of the events that led to the Russian Revolution. "Bloody Sunday" was an event where the people that worked in the factories were complaining about the conditions, wanted personal freedom, and an elected national legislature, they went to go protest outside of where the Czar lived. But they were shot down by the guards.

-Lenin believed that the people would need to be provoked to start the revolution. He also believed that the people should have power in the revolution but needed a special government to control it and look at the big picture.

- Lenin and Marx believed that history was a battle between rich and poor. Or Capitalism vs. The Proletariat.

Mao Zedong

- Zedong was co founder of the Chinese Communist Party. After learning how to be a teacher, he travelled to Beijing where he worked in the University Library. There he started to read about Marxist literature. Jiang-Jieshi becomes leader of the Kuomintang and fears the communist party will gain power and create a new government. So Jieshi set people out to kill any communists. Which led to "The Long March" where Chinese communists traveled from south china to the northwest to gain supporters and for safety because Jiang-Jieshi had declared war on all opposition.

-Mao Zedong believed that the revolution would take place in rural area. The peasants would be the leaders of the revolution. Lenin also thought the Revolution would take place in rural country, and the peasants would be the leaders of the Revolution

Other Views

-Mussolini wanted to unify people and have strong Nationalism. He made emotional speech's calling for a dictator to rule the country, and that a strong leader can help the Italian people overcome mass unemployment, political party conflicts, and strikes by socialists and communists. Mussolini organized a group called the "Blackshirts" and ordered them to attack socialists and communists in local governments. Mussolini made up this new system called Fascism.

-In Germany many people revolted after Kaiser Wilhelm gave up his monarchy. The people set up local governing councils and called for communism but German right-wing soldiers broke up these councils. Adolf Hitler wanted to gain power and become a dictator to make Germany strong and powerful again. Hindenburg declared Hitler chancellor, which made Hitler abuse his power.

North Korea

- North Korea is socialist because their ideology is socialism

Part 6

-I personally think that communism is bad because the people that are extremely successful don't get to keep all of their wealth, they have to give it away to be equal with other people. All rich people must hate communism.

Adrian Pop Period 3 3/8/14

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