Puerto Rico

Should Puerto Rico become our 51st state?

Tackk by Conner Meikle, Hunter Skeens, Bethany Davis, Courtney Wallace, Courtland Wolfe, Annie Jones, Alex Douglas, and Hannah Tissenbaum

Background on Puerto Rico

There is an existing council on Puerto Rico's possible statehood. There is a new progressive party, a hybrid of Democracy and Republican, who plan to send a petition to Congress for statehood soon. Also, there are voter education campaigns in Puerto Rico to end the territorial status. Puerto Rico is bilingual, meaning they can speak both Spanish and English. Puerto Rican equality leaders celebrate July 4th in San Juan to support the our independence.

Similarities and differences

Some similarities in Puerto Rico becoming a state and with other territories that wanted to become states are that they want to gain constitutionally guaranteed citizenship with full politician rights and responsibilities. They also want full benefits of the American government.

The differences in Puerto Rico becoming a state and how the other territories have become a state is that the other territories are local to the mainland of the U.S. Puerto Rico is not connected to the U.S.; they are actually quite a distance away from us. Puerto Rico also has its own language, nationality, and culture.

Reasons to Favor Statehood

One reason to favor Puerto Rico joining the states is that they have greatly contributed to fighting along side the U.S. in WW1, WW2, and the Korean War. In these wars combined, over 100,000 Puerto Rican citizens fought with us. As a state, Puerto Rico will no longer be draining $22 billion per year from the American taxpayer, thus, they will not be dependent on federal grants and will greatly contribute to the U.S. treasury and the nation's economy.

Reasons Against Statehood

Some reasons against their statehood are that the majority of their citizens don't actually want statehood. We also can't afford to bring them out of poverty. They would be the poorest per capita; It would be very expensive to try to bring Puerto Rico out of poverty considering our debt. There is also little farming, and large amounts of natural resources can not be mined.

Poll Results

In a poll of 25 people, four adult males said no while two favored their statehood. Four adult women said yes and two said no. With men under 18, five said no to statehood and two said they were in favor. Four females under 18 favored statehood and one said no.

Our View

We are in favor of Puerto Rico's statehood because it would give us more territory. Also they have contributed to many of our victories when we are involved in war. Although, there is little natural resources, we believe we can help Puerto Rico clean up their streets and have a better life, not in complete poverty.