Challenging Australia's identity

  1. Reflect on what is discussed in the Podcast. Do you agree with any of the comments made about .in this podcast it is discussing certain issues that have risen in Australia in regards to racism and how there are many stereotypes in our country today that aren't necessarily true
  2. What events can you remember that you feel ashamed about happening in Australia? I can remember the riot in Cronulla about racism and I am ashamed of it as it involved many events that are un necessary behaviour and the disrespect that was and still is shown to Lebanese residents in Australia
  3. Why do you feel ashamed about this event? OR If you cannot think of an event, why do feel there is nothing to be ashamed of? This event shows a side to the people of Australia that is appalling and that is was an event that went way too far and out of control over a topic that shouldn’t have been treated and sorted in that way.