The Middle Colonys

the political, social, and economic foundations

by: Alexus H.

the 13 original colony's with the middle colony's labled

The Middle Colony's consist of New York , Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. New York was the first  colony to be founded in the middle colony's, it was founded in 1624 by the Dutch. The Dutch founded New York for trade for the Dutch West Indies Company. The next colony to be founded was Delaware 14 years later by the Swedes in 1638 for trade and land. After that their was New Jersey, this was a colony founded by 2 people, George Carteret and Lord Berkley. The final colony is Pennsylvania, this was founded by William Penn for religious freedom.   

The Economy in the middle Colony's

The middle colony's economy was very thriving and was based on cash crops. Cash crops are essentially crops that are worth a lot of money and make a bug profit, making the middle colony's economy based off of agriculture, more specifically grain giving this colony the nickname the bread basket. This economy was very wealthy and had very good trade.

Triangular Trade

The Triangular Trade was a trade system that pasted oceans this was a system where they traded many things such as slaves, gold, and molasses. This was also a way for countries to gain recourses that were scarce or uncommon, giving a variety of items and extending the culture of these areas. But, this could also have some negative effects such spreading disease and other illness.

the navigation acts

This was when their laws that were pasted regarding trade. This had a big effect on many but mostly concerning the English. this was because the English were the ones who got all of the benefits and this system had rules that were written along the lines of the English likings. This had a major cause on the American Revolution making them have a very wealthy and giving the English most of the resources.  

The Quakers

The Quakers were a group of people who were christens but they had different beliefs than other christens. They also didn't have they same church services. They were people that loved peace and hated war, this is why they were the first to speak up when their was slavery.

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