How To Fit In My World

Countess Bible

Hello Martians! This is a how to manual about how to fit in my world. It explains what you should do so you won't be discovered by the government and be dissected.

1.) Brushing your teeth, bathing, and clothing yourself is very important to humans and even makes us feel better about our self (this is called Good hygiene). Bad hygiene equals no friends (smelling bad, looking horrible, or being disgusting).

2.) Make friends, they will defend you and help you when you are in need (you can gain friends by talking to them or exhibiting the same personal interests) . We also need them for alibis.

3.) Eating is a key part of humans' daily life style (put human food in mouth and move jaws up and down than swallow). Warning: Eating humans are a big no no and you will get found out.

4.) Next is school, which will help you in the future but is completely boring. -.- Sometimes you can just go through it and just play games on your phone (a phone is a electrical device that allows you to talk to other people over the internet)

5.) Once school is over, it is time to go home and chill out. When you at home, just take a nap (close your eyes and drift of to dreamland) and then after watch TV (Just look at the bright screen). You might want to eat again before going back to sleep (Do the same as taking a nap).

And that is how you can survive in my world which includes doing just nothing out of the ordinary.

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