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Gigantism, whoa what a disease


Fact: People with usually have large hands, toes, fingers,and head

Gigantism is a rare condition that causes abnormal growth in children. It occurs when a child’s body produces too much growth hormone. Early diagnosis is important. Prompt treatment can stop or slow the changes that may cause a child to grow larger than normal. However, the condition can be hard for parents to detect, since symptoms of gigantism might first be seen as normal childhood growth spurts.

                                                              GLANDS AND ORGANS

A pituitary gland tumor is almost always the cause of gigantism. The pituitary gland located at the base of your brain makes hormones that control many functions in your body.


  • delayed puberty in both boys and girls
  • irregular menstrual periods in girls
  • deafness


Treatments for gigantism aim to stop or slow your child’s production of growth hormones.


Removing the tumor is the preferred treatment for gigantism, if that is the underlying cause.

The surgeon will reach the tumor by making an incision in your child’s nose. Microscopes or small cameras may be used to help the surgeon see the tumor in the gland. In most cases, your child should be able to return home from the hospital the day after the surgery.

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