Your swimming in the ocean and all you see is water but have you wondered what else is out there.  These creature  is vary powerful, they have a mouth full of teeth, and lots of people are scared of them.  These creature prowl the waters possibly even 3-4 miles away from were your swimming.


  If you are interested in sharks than this tackk is the best for you.   You will learn about baby sharks, were they live, what they eat, and  about different types of sharks. so if your interested read on.


 Baby sharks hatch from eggs. when they hatch they are ready to go they know every thing they need to know.  But they still have some challenges to defend themselves.  there smart so they so find a way to protect themselves.

What They Eat

       It depends on what type of shark it is.  If it is a large shark it may eat tuna, dolphins, and many more big fish.  Smaller sharks may eat crabs, small fish, and many more small stuff they can find.


   The the habitat the shark may live in depends on the type of shark.  They settle easily in a habitat.  But it has to mach all their needs.  Like fish, reef, or open area.

Different types of sharks

  Sharks are carnivores there are many different types.  like the hammer head, the great white, the cookie cutter, ect.  these shark are also different  like some are small and some are big.  or how they look or how they feel.


  I hope you learned allot about sharks in my tackk.  On where they live, what they eat, baby sharks, and different. also I hope you found my tackk vary interesting.


CARNIVORE: a animal that eats meat

prowl: to sneak around

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3 years ago

it is good I like all the details about this animal you did a good job the one note is that there is not a full paragraph in most of your writing.

3 years ago

A lot of details. I like it. But it had a lot of basic facts people already know. You need longer paragraphs to. You should also put in that a group of divers recently found a live megaladon and tagged it.

3 years ago